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The PHOENICIANS ... Entertaining Arizona Audiences since 1943


Meet Our Quartets

Cimarron Sidekicks
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Cimarron Sidekicks

Singin' yer fav'rite songs from the Wild West ...

  • Paul "Buck" Sullivan
  • Dan "Doc" Wilson
  • Bob "Lefty" Sampson
  • Carl "Dutch" Eckhardt

High Priority
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High Priority

2016 International Seniors Quartet Champion

  • Ray Estes (tenor)
  • Byron Bennett (lead)
  • Mark House (bari)
  • Dan Davenport (bass)

Hot Spot
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Hot Spot

2017 FWD District Qualifier

  • Ray Estes (tenor)
  • Trevor Way (lead)
  • Timothy McMullen (bari)
  • Shreyas Amin (bass)

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2017 FWD District Qualifier

  • Hambone Dergan (tenor)
  • Jeromy McMahon (lead)
  • Dan Ryan (bari)
  • Richard Muhn (bass)

Suit Up!
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Suit Up!

2016 FWD Silver Medalist Quartet

  • Justin Klemballa (tenor)
  • R. J. Esquivias (lead)
  • Brent Graham (bari)
  • Rodney Armstrong (bass)

Far Western District Champion Quartets

Year Quartet Host City
2001 Finale Bakersfield
1992 Standing Room Only Phoenix
1985 The Knudsen Brothers San Jose
1980 Remember When Phoenix
1974 The Command Performance Pasadena
1972 The Stage Four Bakersfield
1964 The Western Continentals Sacramento
1957 The Desert Knights Bakersfield
1949 The Westernaires San Diego

Phoenix Quartets at International

Year Quartet Host City Place
2014 Vocal Edition Las Vegas 25th
2013 Vocal Edition Toronto 31st
2009 Audacity* Anaheim 38th
2008 Audacity* Nashville 48th
2006 Dazzle!* Indianapolis 44th
2005 Dazzle!* Salt Lake City 40th
2004 Finale Louisville 17th
2004 Broadway* Louisville 28th
2003 Finale Montréal 13th
2003 Broadway* Montréal 38th
2002 Finale Portland 10th
2002 Broadway* Portland 24th
2001 Applause!* Nashville 13th
2001 Finale Nashville 15th
2000 Applause!* Kansas City 15th
1999 Standing Room Only* Anaheim 8th
1998 Standing Room Only* Atlanta 7th
1997 Standing Room Only* Indianapolis 3rd
1996 Rhythm & Rhyme Salt Lake City 16th
1996 Standing Room Only* Salt Lake City 3rd
1995 Standing Room Only* Miami 4th
1994 Standing Room Only* Pittsburgh 5th
1993 Standing Room Only* Calgary 7th
1992 Standing Room Only* New Orleans 12th
1992 The Knudsen Brothers New Orleans 9th
1991 Standing Room Only* Louisville 25th
1990 Remember When* San Francisco 10th
1989 Remember When* Kansas City 11th
1988 Remember When* San Antonio 10th
1987 Remember When* Hartford 8th
1986 Remember When* Salt Lake City 7th
1986 The Knudsen Brothers Salt Lake City 8th
1985 Remember When* Minneapolis 11th
1984 Remember When* St. Louis 13th
1984 The Knudsen Brothers St. Louis 8th
1983 Remember When* Seattle 8th
1982 Remember When* Pittsburgh 13th
1981 Remember When* Detroit 8th
1980 Remember When* Salt Lake City 11th
1978 Nostalgia Cincinnati 24th
1977 The Sound Committee Philadelphia 11th
1975 The Sound Committee Indianapolis 38th
1975 The Command Performance Indianapolis 7th
1974 The Command Performance Kansas City 8th
1973 The Stage Four Portland 34th
1968 The Western Continentals Cincinnati Champion
1967 The Western Continentals Los Angeles 2nd
1966 The Western Continentals Chicago 21st
1965 The Western Continentals Boston 8th
1958 The Desert Knights Columbus 25th
1950 The Westernaires Omaha 38th

* Denotes quartet in which Fraser Brown sang. Fraser holds the Society record for most consecutive appearances in international competition.

Phoenix Senior Quartets at International

Year Quartet Host City Place
2016 High Priority Reno Champion
2015 High Priority New Orleans Silver
2009 Audacity Pasadena Champion
2007 Music Box Albuquerque 17th
2004 Dry Heat Biloxi 15th
2001 Shades of Grey Jacksonville 24th