History of the BOTY

The Barbershopper of the Year (BOTY) award may be presented, annually, to a member of the chorus, who in the opinion of the membership, has done the most to benefit the chapter during the year.

All members of the chorus, except those previous BOTY winners, are eligible to receive the award. The list of past recipients shows dedication to the chapter as well as to barbershopping in general. Every sucessful chapter depends upon many willing and capable leaders to be members of the Board of Directors or the Music Team, or do exceptional service to the chapter.

The BOTY is a cherished honor to those who receive it. The list to the left gives credit to those who have earned this honor.

Year Recipient
2021 David Melville
2019 Gene Brandwein
2018 Glenn Partridge
2017 Jay Bartley
2016 Danny Ryan
2015 Roy Gross
2014 Mark Spriggs
2013 Bob Gray
2012 Jerry McElfresh
2011 Ray Estes
2010 Cary Burns
2009 Bob Upham
2008 Mark House
2007 John Bloomquist
2006 Gordon Bergthold
2005 Allen Baum
2004 Bill Kane
2003 Mike Goodrich
2002 Nord Holte
2001 Greg Dodge
2000 Jim Conner
1999 Ted Sayle
1998 Dan Ryan
1997 Marv Peterson
1996 Chuck Smith
1995 Don Leggat
1994 Bill Haddock
1993 Ben Hastie
1992 Ted James
1991 Dick Weeber
1990 Bob Jackson
1989 Russ Young
1988 Marv Sabel
1987 Jack Schuler
1986 Lloyd Steinkamp
1985 Ed Prettyman
1984 Terry Aramian
1983 Jack Mauney
1982 Mike Hatfield
1981 Mal Glick
1980 Gary Steinkamp & Dan Wilson
1979 Mike Laurel
1978 Fran Brown
1977 Dave Zorn
1976 Fraser Brown
1975 Carl Cross
1974 Don Richardson
1973 John Fenner
1972 Allen Fossenkemper
1971 Joe Salz
1970 Sam Jones & Everett Manning
1969 Lou Laurel
1968 Ralph Smith
1967 Paul Graham
1966 Glenn Walace
1965 H. T. Traylor