The Far Western Disctirct Chorus Champion is determined at the contest held at the District Fall Convention each October.  Choruses from the District are eligible to compete in the Fall Contest by acheiving a qualifying score in their respective Division Contests held each Spring.

The Far Western District Chorus Champion goes on to represent the District at the International Chorus Contest the following summer.  Should they win the International Chorus Contest, they are required to sit out of competition for two years before entering into District contests again.

Year Host City Int'l*
1997 Pasadena 7th
1996 Bakersfield 8th
1993 Pasadena 5th
1987 Reno 5th
1985 San Jose 4th
1982 Pasadena Champion
1980 Phoenix 3rd
1978 Long Beach 4th
1975 Sacramento Champion
1974 Pasadena 2nd
1971 Santa Monica Champion
1969 San Francisco 2nd
1967 San Diego 3rd
1966 Fresno 3rd

* Placement at the International Chorus Contest the following year.